Information is power – and with King Boston’s & MassBudget’s Good Trouble podcast, our goal is to inform and inspire using the stories of the people fighting the good fight today.

Inspired by civil rights leader John Lewis’ words of encouragement, the show will connect with our region’s noisemakers and key stakeholders to learn about their paths to becoming “good troublemakers” and what we can all do to join them.

From the world of nonprofits to the inner workings of how our tax dollars are allocated, we will explore with our guests, the society we live in, and just exactly what we can do to reach a better tomorrow. 

Listen to the episodes below, on Spotify, or on Amazon Music; Apple Music and Google Podcasts availability coming soon:

How do you navigate a town that is built on relationships when you are not already in the loop? Can you break down the barriers of entry and create a life? These are the questions Sheena Collier sought to answer for the city’s transplants with her company Boston While Black. In this episode, our hosts speak with one of Boston’s most connected people on how her own experience led her to build a company that is having a deep and real impact on the Boston landscape.

In this episode, our hosts are joined by two civic leaders focused on the creative sectors recovery from the pandemic, and ways to support its development for the future of the Commonwealth. Emily Ruddock, Executive Director of MASSCreative & Michael J Bobbitt, Executive Director of the Mass. Cultural Council discuss their respective work to protect Massachusetts’ creative economy, and offer ways that the community can get involved.

A member of the inaugural cohort of King Boston Artists In Residence, Danny Rivera has been hard at work blending the music with a message his whole life. He is an alum of the Boston Arts & Music Soul (BAMS) Fest roster, and has used music to influence social change with United States Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA). While art is a means of creative expression for Danny, he wants to ensure that elected officials and public servants heed the messages their constituents put forth. Listen to the full episode to learn more about Danny’s journey in social impact advocacy and his second full-length EP, Rumors & Reasons.

As a universal language, music has a power to transform our communities and help capture the resilience and power we collectively share. Singer, Songwriter & Producer, Amandi Music, has penned music for hitmakers such as Brian Michael Cox, SWV, and Next. Listen to Amandi discuss his upbringing in the church, finding sources of inspiration to maintain longevity in a music career, fighting imposter syndrome in the music industry and his latest album release, L.I.E.S.

Is Boston ready for its first elected BIPOC mayor? How are things currently for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses from communities of color across the state? Segun Idowu, Executive Director of the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA), joins Good Trouble to give an update on his journey, BECMA’s beginning, the Mass. Black Expo and more.

As we debut our new platform, our Good Trouble hosts Gregory Ball, Director of Content & Production at King Boston, and Reginauld Williams, Director of Communications at MassBudget share with us the vision behind the podcast.

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