Monique Ching

Senior Budget & Policy Analyst

Monique Ching is a Senior Budget & Policy Analyst at the Massachusetts Budget and Policy Center.
She works on the state budget, health equity, and other issues affecting immigrant families. 

Monique hails from Hong Kong and she spent years working as a reporter at a newspaper in Texas. She holds a master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning and Policy from Tufts University. She also is active with community organizations in Boston’s Chinatown and in Malden.


How is COVID-19 affecting the state budget?

Learn about how the pandemic is impacting the state budget process, essential programs, and how the Commonwealth can prepare for the road to recovery amid COVID-19.

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Going Upstream: How our State Budget, Revenue, and Policies can Improve Health

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Losing Momentum: March towards health insurance for all Massachusetts residents stalls

Having health insurance helps people afford necessary medical care, which helps them live healthier lives. Massachusetts continues to lead the nation in making sure all its residents have health insurance, but progress has stalled.
Further, some communities of color continue to encounter obstacles to getting health insurance and still see higher levels of uninsurance compared with the state overall.

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